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The olive trees and their fruits, the olives, have a long tradition over the years and they are linked to the origins of the Mediterranean culture. Nowadays, the olive tree is the variety which takes up most of the Andalucía fields. Jaén is the region with more olive trees fields, and therefore it is the region which produces the greatest amount of olive oil worldwide.

The olive oil is extracted from the olives. There are different types of olives, but it is only from the types of hojiblanca, picudo, arbequina, laudin (Granada region), emprestes and picual that the olive oil is extracted. The olive tree is a hundred-year-old tree, it blossoms in spring, it ripens in autumn and the fruit is harvest during the winter. The harvest process is very important, since the quality of the oil depends on the weather, the soil and the way the olives are picked.

The producing process has 6 different stages

1) Arrival and selection;
2) Cleaning, washing and weighting;
3) Milling;
4) Mixing;
5) Decanting;
6) Preserving.

All these stages together with tradition and innovation make the extra virgin olive oil one of the healthiest olive oils worldwide.

In this site you will find a selection of oil mills with a one thousand-year-old tradition which, generation after generation, produce a variety of high quality olive oils